About Us

Hi. We’re the guys from Corkhaus. We love wine. But not any old wine – we love wine that doesn’t cost a fortune, but leaves you lost for words. Most folks just assume the stuff doesn’t exist, so we accepted that as a challenge and we’re out to prove our case. Are we crazy? Well, yes, possibly, but hear us out…

So, who are we?

Anja Panic

Anja is a multi passionate entrepreneur. Always dreamt of her own business but didn’t know where that’s going to take her. Interior designer, journalist, her husband’s design studio manager, content & brand marketing consultant all this were in the play for the business. But wine merchant that was not on the agenda. Some things just happen. She has 15 + years of experience in marketing, PR and journalism.

Steve Burnett

Steve’s background is wine. He’s worked for a winemaker, he’s worked for one of the world’s largest mail order wine companies and managed a very popular local wine merchants and yet, the two grape vines in his garden mean the world to him. This is because he respects wine from the source (plus he talks to plants…)

Corkhaus is the brain-child of Anja and Steve. Both have a passion for wine and travel and would love to share this passion further. All their wines are rigorously checked and tasted before entering the market, so you know you’re never going to get a bad bottle. And if you get a bottle you don’t enjoy, you’ve ticked a box – just let the team know and they won’t send you another.

It really is that simple, and we plan to keep it that way.