We want to change the world. Ok, not exactly. We want to change the wine world.
We knew that our original business plan was ambitious.

We want to show the world how great wine can be. How great wine is. We don’t want you to drink bad wine. Never. We want you to stop paying too much for average and start discovering best kept wines from all over the world.

How? We’ll tell you more soon. Promise.

Stay with us, see how we are getting on and how our little company is becoming a reality. Follow us day by day, see what we’re doing and how we are slowly changing the future of wine drinking.

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Anja & Steve

Meet Marinko. He’s a winemaker in Solkan, Goriška Brda. Nestled away in one of the back streets, Marinko is working away in his winery. And he’s working hard too – at the time of writing, the harvest has only just finished and in between the important works of winemaking, he has numerous meetings and appointments … Read more…

One of the most persuasive claims in food science literature, as well as in press articles about food and flavour is that between 75% and 95% of what we perceive of as taste, actually results from the stimulation of the olfactory receptors in the nose instead. This claim seems true for wine tasting as well. … Read more…

Wine is not just a beverage to sip after a long working day, it has a language too. Strengthening your wine vocabulary is key to understanding everything from the different types of wine, as well as the complex tastes within. Tannins: This is what gives some wines a bitter flavour and the dry texture that … Read more…

If you didn’t know this already, there are certain aspects that need to be taken into account when storing wine at home as to make sure it keeps its properties and lasts longer. Not all wines benefit from long-term aging and, today, those are not the wines we’re going to talk about, but rather those … Read more…


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