Christmas Lunch – what shall I drink?

In my house, when I pair wine with Christmas Lunch, what I say tends to go – everybody knows that it’s probably best to leave that bit to me. I am, however, very conscientious of potential marital discord when it comes to picking the wine. After all, a change of vino every so often is not such a bad thing – so let’s go Slovenian (naturally).

I’m eating turkey, goose or chicken

Good for you. You like the classic stuff. Let’s face it – there’s no point going wild with the suggestions here, because you’re already playing it safe. Batič Rebula is probably the best way to go here. Why? This wine has a beautiful golden hue running throughout. A leafy combination of gooseberry, lemon and apricot dominate. It’s light and easy going and price is not high at all. The other upside to this one is that the bottle is beautiful – check it out below…


I’m eating beef

I’m a beef fan too. Beef done well is an absolute winner – in any circumstance. I am going to suggest that you try Štoka’s Izbrani Teran. It’s made from the Refosco grape. The best thing about this wine is that it’s still quite fresh. The nose is packed full of red and black berry fruit, followed by dried fruit and hazelnut on the palate. It is a very affordable treat.


I’m eating lamb

Good shout. I’m just going to say that it’s only the alcohol that gets left to me, not the food. I know when to be quiet. If it were up to me and we were having lamb, it would have to be Ščurek’s Merlot. A very easy drinking Merlot. One should expect notes of raspberry, blackberry, bramble and blackcurrant on the nose, of course with the all important plum dominating. Similar is prominent on the palate, but with a hint of cherry pie. Though rather light, this wine is best enjoyed with or without food.


I don’t eat meat (or my meat isn’t listed)

Trying to write food pairings for everybody is difficult. Truth be told, I don’t tend to like doing food pairings, and would much sooner advise you to pick something that you enjoy, rather than what you’re told to enjoy, so fill your boots. Just whatever you do, don’t forget the fizz – Zlati Grič Sparkling – be it pink or white is perfect. A winner – a must on any table on Christmas day.


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