Day 5: How to put 80 bottles of wine in one checked in suitcase?

The answer is you can’t. And we feel so frustrated that we have to leave the wine behind. Luckily my mom has just the right cellar to save all the bottles for us. We just hope she won’t ask us “What wine?”, when delivery service comes to pick up it up for a delivery to England.

Of course we did not leave empty handed. We took three bottles each and called it “Happy Friday in the office” wines. After all you have to have some inspiration when days get cold and short.

The day started with and amazing sunrise over the vineyards of Zlati Grič. While Steve was still in his bed most probably dreaming of vineyards I was there stood at the window of my bedroom freezing in my pajama and trying to catch the best light for the best picture.


After a delicious homemade breakfast served at the terrasse of Zlati Grič restaurant we started our trip back to Ljubljana. Stopped at Nebotičnik (translation: skyscraper), the tallest building in Ljubljana city centre, for a business meeting and lunch with a view and continued our drive to my dad’s apartment where wines from Brda were stored for a day.


Open all the boxes, make a list of what we have, organise the next steps and pack wines back again. Not an easy task if you are quite tired. But smile remained on our faces. We both agree it was a really good trip, an amazing start and feedback we got is very encouraging.


We’ve packed our bags and flew back to England. A foggy rainy drive on the wrong side of the road again, a lazy afternoon and cuddles from my husband and our lovely cockapoo puppy Joey.

Busy day ahead tomorrow. I’m meeting a possible investor. So wish me good luck and come back soon to see how that went.

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