My first wine tasting on the other side of the bottle

Yesterday was a very special day. I did my first wine tasting here in UK. This time it was not me who was tasting the wines – I already did a lot of those as you can imagine. No. This time it was me pouring the wines and telling people all about it.

Was I nervous? Sure. Was I afraid? A little bit. But I came prepared and nailed it. Batič Rose was the second best selling wine on both evenings. Well done me and well done Miha (Batič) for creating this great wine.


How did it go? It started in the morning at home. I was learning and making notes about the wines I was showing at the tasting. Something sparkling to start with Zlati Grič Rose sparkling, beautiful still Rose to follow (Batič Rose). Something very special to drink with Christmas meal, wine made from 7 grape varieties Batič Angel. Two very different reds – easy drinkable very fresh full-bodied red wine Ščurek Merlot and a little bit stronger but still fresh and drinkable wine typical for Slovenian Karst Štoka Teran. And something sweeter to end with – semi dry Traminer from Zlati Grič.


Learned all about the grapes, methods and winemakers that made this 5 wines. Packed my bags and drove off to beautiful Lincoln. Set up the table, arranged the wines and put them on ice. Slip into nice elegant dress bought especially for this occasion, put on the earrings and red lipstick and I was ready.

Doors opened at 7:30 PM. Guests were eager to try Slovenian wine so many came straight to my table. Talk, pour, talk pour, pour, pour, talk, talk, talk,… for almost there hours. Guests were happy and I was tired. But they loved the wines and they loved me.


One down one more to go tomorrow. Well done Slovenia and its wines. Brits love them. At least the 200 of them that came to this first wine tasting in Lincoln yesterday.


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