New Year, New Wines – Slovenian Orange Wine

We think you should try something new and exciting this year. Have you already heard of Orange wine? And by this we do not mean wine mead from oranges. Nop, we are not really excited or even like to call any drink that is not made from grapes, wine. Wine is made from grapes. Full stop.


What’s orange wine?

If we simplify — it’s white wine made in the same procedure as red wine, with skins on over a longer period of time (maceration). This way more tanins and colour are transfered to wine which gets richer gold colour. Taste is quite unusual for white wine. Orange wine was once described as white wine for red wine lovers. We would maybe even go one step further and call Orange wine a wine that is an absolute must try for every wine lover.

What does it taste like?

Honey is usually the first aroma most people taste in orange wine. This is followed by some tropical fruits (jackfruit for example), nuts (hazelnut, brazil nut) they might even taste of dried orange rind and this is probably the closest you’ll get to tasting anything orange in it. The taste is very intense and even if you’ll not be exactly sure if you like it at first taste believe us – give it another chance.

Where does it come from?

The method is not something new as it was used already in ancient winemaking 5000+ years ago. But modern orange wine making is less than 20 years old. The majority of orange wines or should we say some of the best ones are produced in Slovenia (of course) 🙂 and its neighbouring countries Italy and Croatia. It is also produces in USA, Australia and South Africa.

Interested? Why not try it?

Batič Pinot Gris that can be found in our store is full-bodied, elegant and complex wine, pleasant, warm and harmonious on the taste rewards with freshness and full after taste. It’s packed full of pear, apple, honeysuckle and gooseberry, with a beautifully balancing honey note on the finish. An amazing little drop.


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