Paul, the accountant guy*

Paul is probably the best accountant in the world. Maybe not, but I love him. Not in any romantical or similar fashion of course. I just love him because he speaks English. Yep, he actually speaks English not Accountantish. I assure you even my grandma could understand Paul if she would speak English and she was still alive.

I was genuinely afraid of our meeting with the accountant. I was sure that I was going to be sat there in his office and feel like an idiot after one and a half minutes. But that was not the case. Steve, myself and Paul had a lovely chat and by the end of the meeting we all agreed on the form of the company we are about to register and where do some of the best wines in the world come from.

“Why go to an accountant to form a company”, you might ask. Well we didn’t. We went to an informative meeting because we knew that at some point we will need an accountant. After only few minutes there we realised that we would register wrong kind of company, not suited to ourselves. Who would have known that there is so much difference between an Limited Liability Partnership and a Limited Company?. I read various details of various types of companies on the Governmental website, but guys like Paul, they know exactly how things work. And if you are lucky and your accountant speaks English (or any other language you speak) then they can explain how things work to you as well. We decided that this guy was great, because he even speaks the same language as the government…

What pleased us most was that we can register company with their address what meant no additional costs for renting an office, getting a virtual tenant contract or even paying huge business rate for a home address. For now we could work from wherever and have an official address at Paul’s. That’s about £50 – £180 saved per month. Winner!

Nothing to debate anymore. Paul is “the our guy”* and he is going to get us registred. 48 hours and £150 latter we received a Certificate of Incorporation and our company was officially born. We are now Corkhaus Ltd. Fancy? We think so.

Next step? Meet a banker and in our case and alien too.

*Anja is a huge fan of Friends. Driving her husband crazy any time they are watching an episode by speaking dialogues out loud moments before friends do. In the title she’s referring to “Paul, the wine guy” the epic Monica’s boyfriend from the very first episode of Friends.

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