Singing alien or noisy aircon? What would you choose when opening a bank account?

So, we’re going to run a business. We’re going to make a lot of money. We need to put all this ‘plata’* somewhere. Sock? Not safe enough. Safe? Maybe a bit too safe. What about a bank? That could be an idea.

But it’s not as easy as you think. Getting a business bank account is a serious business. First you need to book an appointment. As September is a very busy period you might wait for it more than 3 or 4 weeks. So never do banking business last minute. It takes time.

Prepare for the meeting. Having a business plan is almost necessary and by the point you are opening a bank account you should have one anyway. Think about the finance, think about the expected turnover, think how bank could help. Do you need a loan, overdraft, credit card or similar. Are you doing an online business like us? You might get more information about payment processors from them as well. All this can be discussed on your first meeting.

Our September bank day came. We’ve walked all nicely dressed into our future bank in Nottingham city centre. In no time we were sitting in a small office overlooking the busiest shopping street in the city. There was a weird noise in the office. Michael our lovely banker offered and an interesting choice. We can either listen to a zooming noise of the aircon or singing alien** from the street. Hm… hard decision. We choose aircon as it was a bit more predictable and we didn’t wanna sweat while talking to bankers. At least not the first day.

An hour and a half later our bank account was almost open, Michael and his colleague were very interested in our business (they want to order wine from us in the future) and we decided to switch the channel – from aircon to singing alien. The meeting was almost over so we could turn aircon off and relax with a bit of alien music from the street. Few signatures and off we go.

We have a business bank account now. How cool is that? Cards are coming soon by post. What about money? Well let’s see. Hopefully we’ll earn some soon. But first we need to spend some. We are going to Slovenia in on Thursday. Meeting winemakers, tasting wines, chat about import. Exciting times.

Come back for updates and travel diary from wine haven in Slovenia. If we will be able to write after all those tastings of course.

*Anja is still under big influence of Narcos season 2 which she just finished watching on Netflix yesterday evening. Now she speaks Spanish a bit better. Well she if very familiar with the language of narcos like plata, patron y hermano.
**There was a guy on the street dressed in an alien, yes the one from the famous movies, making weird noises that Michael politely called singing.

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