The world will never be the same again

It was a hot summer evening. Actually it was one of the hottest days in summer 2016 in England. The hands were shaken and new business agreed. Anja and Steve decided to pursue their dreams. The deal was sealed with a glass of wine. Funnily enough, this glass of wine was why hands were shook.

The wine could have been better. The wine will be better. That’s the whole point.

Anja is Slovenian and misses good wine. Steve knows what good wine is. He always knew he wants to work with wine. One way or another. In sales and in the vineyard. Needles to say the latter is far more exciting, in terms of ‘the good life’.

Corkhaus is now on the road to new, exciting and unknown destinations. Anja and Steve are becoming owners of their own business, becoming entrepreneurs. Thrilled. Afraid. Happy.

Next chapter? Major in legal stuff and form a company.

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